Personal Photography Tuition

by heide smith

about heide

Self portrait - on the beach

Although Heide is best known as a people and documentary photographer, she has also worked as a commercial/industrial photographer, and as a press photographer. Her landscapes adorn public and private buildings around Australia, and eleven books of her work have been published 


1963   Foto.heide Hameln

1979   Lebendiges Hameln

1980   Works of Art in Canberra (NCDC)

1983   I Love Canberra

1986   I Love Canberra (Two)

1990   Tiwi – The Life and Art of Australia’s Tiwi People (republished twice)

1992   Heide Smith's Canberra

1994  Shooting at the Moon ( in Cambodia with author Marje Prior )

1999   Canberra-a personal perspective.

2008    Portrait of a people, the Tiwi of Northern Australia

2012  A Portrait of Canberra and of Canberrans 1979-2012


Improve your photography under the guidance of internationally renowned photographer Heide Smith

Every guest at Hobbs Point Cottage is encouraged to talk to Heide about their photography, but If you are a keen photographer and want to really improve your skills, why not organise your stay  to include private photography tuition with Heide. Seminars and workshops are a must for all ambitious photographers, but in a one on one session you learn so much more. As you select the subjects you want to learn,not a moment of your session is wasted. Prices are listed below;

 Half day - 4 hours $500

Daily rate - 8 hours $900

Weekend rate (2 days) - $1500

Tuition must be booked in advance. You do not have to stay at Hobbs Point, but it is obviously more convenient and cost effective.

what the critics say

"Heide Smith is not well known, but among photographers she has a reputation as probably Australia's best portrait photographer" Mike Seccombe Syney Morning Herald 1990

"These are the pictures of a master and if Heide Smith continues in this style, her place in photographic posterity is assured." Northern Territory News 26 Sep 1990

"it's the portraits that stay with you. Even when her subjects are naked, they are clothed in dignity. Even when they pose (one old man insisted on wearing his cockatoo-feather head-dress), they are simply themselves." Elizabeth Keenan Time Magazine  2008

"Heide Smith has become Australia's most important female photographer of recent times. Of course, this also makes her one of Australia's most important contemporary photographers, but women have particularly struggled to be seen in this country, and history will, one day, record the true value of Heide's contribution to our visual history".  Paul Burrows Profoto Magazine 2009

"This photographers straight forward professional approach to the practice belies the poetry in her work. The photographs in this book are inspired. Through a lifetime's commitment to her craft, Heide has portrayed both the monumental and official face of Canberra, but also that thing which so many fail to grasp, its humanity. Whatever the content, the style is artful; she has aimed for joy and beauty, and truly made her mark."

Robyn Archer AO, Creative Director, The Centenary of Canberra 2012

previous seminars & workshops

Giving a seminar in Guangzhou - pop 8.5 mill

Heide has given workshops and seminars to professional photographers in most states in Australia and in China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Holland, UK and Germany. In Australia the highlights have been two APSCON conventions, a Caxton Awards presentation to the Australian Advertising Industry in Cairns,  workshops at the Light of Australia convention in Sydney alongside such icons as Helmut Newton, Art Kane and Jay Maisel, and more recently she delivered the keynote address at the AIPP Hair of the Dog Convention in Brisbane . 

Heide has also given seminars for small groups and one- on- one workshops, at her home in Narooma.