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Birdwatching 2

Recent guests Patricia and Tim shared the delights of Hobbs Point between them. Patricia read and rested while Tim fished (successfully), and photographed birds. Judging from their comments in the guest book, both approaches were successful. This is what they had to say – I was so impressed that I featured their comments on the home page. “Brian & Heide, thank you very much for sharing your piece of paradise with us. We have loved our stay here and the spiritual uplift of being surrounded by such a beautiful ecosystem. Listening, […]

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Birding Narooma The British call birdwatchers Twitchers, Australians say Birdwatchers while the Americans call it Birding. I’m not sure that serious bird watching folks would consider a Seagull going for a morning constitutional whilst a couple of Pelicans discuss whatever it is that Pelicans talk about, as being worth watching, but Heide certainly thought it was worth photographing, so who am I to disagree !

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