Monthly Archives: March 2016

Forsters Bay Wagonga Inlet Narooma

Forsters Bay Wagonga Inlet High on the list of places to visit in Narooma is Forsters Bay, home to The Inlet & The Quarterdeck Restaurants. Both sit over the waters of Wagonga Inlet and are very popular spots for both visitors and residents alike seeking a morning coffee or something more substantial later in the day. It is equally popular for fishermen digging for sea worms for bait when the tides out, or for less energetic gourmands tasting Narooma’s famous oysters. Some of our guests at Hobbs Point Cottage prefer to paddle their […]

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Hobbs Point Cottage Barbecue

Hobbs Point Cottage Barbecue As you can see from Heide’s photograph, this is not a bad spot to have a barbecue. In fact,  it is much much better than the place where we plan to have our own barbecue area. It is beautifully private, protected from most of the elements, yet close enough to the cottage to  save your meal if it really belts down. And the view of course, is to die for. And, just to add icing to the cake, today we replaced the old barbecue with a brand […]

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