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mt gulaga

Towards Gulaga Gulaga is the original aboriginal name for the mountain which dominates the coastal strip north and south of Narooma. Today it is known as Mt Dromedary, a name given to it by Captain James Cook on 21 April 1770, when he first saw the mountain from HMS Endeavour. Today, Gulaga at it’s highest point is 806 m above sea level; 60 million years ago when it was an active volcano, it’s height was estimated to be 3000m.

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Birding Narooma The British call birdwatchers Twitchers, Australians say Birdwatchers while the Americans call it Birding. I’m not sure that serious bird watching folks would consider a Seagull going for a morning constitutional whilst a couple of Pelicans discuss whatever it is that Pelicans talk about, as being worth watching, but Heide certainly thought it was worth photographing, so who am I to disagree !

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